hannahirene (hannahirene) wrote in ummorris,

Looking for signs of life...i know you're all home and bored.

Tell us...
1. your name
2. how you got here
3. your year in school/when you last attended etc.
4. best Morris memory
5. worst Morris memory
6. major
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1. Cristina
2. got where? to this community? Ahh...I don't really know, I was just clicking on random people's journals
3. I was a sophomore last year
4. probably something from freshman year when everything was new and exciting. The whole year was pretty fun what with meeting so many new people.
5. all the times I fall down in the winter because it gets so slippery
6. Spanish and Wellness and Sport SCience
1. Rob
2. Through searching the interest "minnesota" and i was look wow my first college has got a community
3. I'm a Senior at MNSU Mankato/My last semester at Morris was spring of 2000.
4. Doing my radio show even after getting suspended from the station
5. Alcoholism
6. Didn't have one there but i have two now, Sociology and Philosophy
1. Megan
2. clicking on random journals
3. senior, baby!
4. ahhh, there are many, but my latest one would probably be a party i attended last semester, on the very last day of classes, it was fabulous
5. fighting the prairie winds in wintertime
6. theatre w/ english minor
1. Joe
2. I got here by car...but seriously I have some friends here and wanted to transfer because I hated the TC campus.
3. Sophomore this year
4. First night of quarter taps at the Met.
5. First night of quarter taps at the Met.
6. Global Business
1. Danelle
2. It had a better mascot than Concordia and was friendlier.
3. Junior
4. My first English course with David Ericksen.
5. I don't know about worst but the scariest was my first English course with David Ericksen.
6. English
I LOVE david ericksen! He was my favorite professor. To bad he's married....
Funny, I never actually did this myself. My questions were hilariously vague. Sorry.
Tell us...
1. Hannah
2. Made it myself. I think I had some idea that it might be interesting.
3. Junior- currently in Ireland.
4. March on Washington, April 2004.
5. Some really bad moments freshman year.
6. English
1) Paul
2) searched for Morris
3) Graduated in 1994
4) Too many to list *random memory* all night games of pinochle, all nighters in the ORL computer labs logging on to ISCA
5) A few too many all night study sessions without the study part.
6) English
Not sure if this is still active...

1) TK
2) Searched for Morris
3) Graduated in 2004
4) Let see: During my last semester at Morris, one night Darek and I went to the Eagle's Club. For some reason pool was free. So him and I played pool and drank beer all night. It was an awesome night. We got so drunk and I didn't get sick. We had to walk back though, I was too drunk to drive. Most of my freshman year memories were great too.
5) Sadly to say, my worse memorie came from my last semester at Morris as well. Weeks before finals/graduation, a very close friend of mine treated me like crap, I didn't have any job lined up, and senior seminar made everything worse.
6) Csci and Math
1. that's a mystery!
2. search for Morris
3. current sophmore
4. I guess it was easter because I spent it with friends in Morris...
5. when a friend died
6. Undeclared